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            The Acupuncture Center of Prescott was established by Anna Cocilovo Symond, L.Ac., PA-C in 1989.  Her goal is to provide natural nontoxic methods to effectively treat and alleviate pain, illness and emotional distress.  Anna brings a vast wealth of knowledge and skills through her training and experience as a Physician Assistant since 1978 and Acupuncturist since 1984.  She has a unique ability to understand health from both the energetic Qi based view point of Oriental Medicine, and the physical biomechanical  perspective of modern scientific medicine.  Anna recommends herbal and homeopathic remedies, and gives dietary counselling when appropriate.


            Traditional acupuncture is based on the circulation of Qi/life energy within the body and balance of Yin and Yang.  Though modern science cannot explain how acupuncture works, there is a growing body of evidence validating the effectiveness of acupuncture.  It is well documented to increase endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters, as well as have a regulatory effect on the autonomic nervous system, decrease inflammation, and  modulate pain through peripheral and central mechanisms.  Through these mechanisms it can both alleviate pain, strengthen the immune system, and improve health.


When an acupuncture needle is placed by a skilled practitioner, it has an effect.

“When you stand a pole in the sun, it casts a shadow.”


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