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The Acupuncture Center of Prescott

The goal of the Acupuncture Center of Prescott  is to provide natural nontoxic methods to effectively treat and alleviate physical  pain and illness and emotional stress.  Thousands of years old, acupuncture is among the first holistic medicines, meaning that it has always recognized the unity of the body and mind.   If you  treat the body, you treat the mind.  If you treat the mind, you treat the body.  Western science and western medicine have only begun to appreciate this within the past twenty years, epitomized by the research of pharmacologist Candace Pert, PH.D. 

The Acupuncture Center of Prescott was established in 1989 by Anna Cocilovo, L.Ac., PA-C .  She brings a vast wealth of experience encompassing both Western medicine as a physician assistant since 1978, and as a practicing acupuncturist since 1987.  This gives her a unique ability to assess and understand health conditions from both the energetic Qi (chee) perspective of Oriental medicine and  from the physical biochemical view point.  As her first Sensei, (teacher, master) Masahilo Nakazono said, they are two sides of the same coin. 

Acupuncture is most famous for its effective treatment of pain.  Not as well appreciated in the Western world is its application for internal conditions such as chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, menopausal symptoms,  menstrual pain and disorders, aftermath of stroke, immune system illnesses, depression, and anxiety.   If you suffer from any of these conditions and more, acupuncture may help where other treatments have failed.  A true preventive medicine, acupuncture is utilized by many to maintain and maximize their health and sense of well being.

Anna’s passion has always been natural healing, long before alternative medicine was “in”.  Her practice is primarily acupuncture, but she also incorporates  Colored Light Therapy, Chinese herbs, diet and nutrition.


"When you stand a pole in the sun it casts a shadow."





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